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Following the long journey through Sydney and Glasgow, Nomanslanding drops anchor in Duisburg’s former railroad harbor. In Europe’s largest inland harbor, the installation addresses the everyday process of arrival and departure here, of ongoing exchange. Nomanslanding is accessible via ramps from the opposite banks; it calls upon visitors to transgress boundaries, to leave the ground that seems so stable beneath their feet. Out on the water, the borderline between what is one’s own and what is foreign begins to blur.


Soundscape Voice Credits:
German FEMALE: Bettina Kaiser
German FEMALE: Lisa Schoetell
French FEMALE: Sophie Leprêtre
Russian FEMALE: Gulnara Shayakhmetova
Turkish FEMALE: Zeynep Berk
Scottish Female: Catherine Elliot
English Female: Sarah Ward
Australian FEMALE: Julie Ewington Joyce Watson, Artist
German MALE:Franz-Josef Kaiser, Artist
English MALE: Artist
Australian/New Zealand: Mike Floyd,
Ian Hobbs, Artist

nomanslanding video